As the Mother-Agent, we are responsible for the development and career guidance of your child. This will include education of you the parent about the business, assistance with the grooming and marketing of your child, the model and placement in other markets besides our own that you and your child wishes to pursue.

During our years of developing young models, we have found that establishing a strong working relationship with parents as well as models is beneficial to everyone. As this business can be very difficult for your children, our underlying philosophy became to establish a team between parent, model and agent in order to provide a hands-on career development program with long-term strategy planned in the initial stages — a luxury that seems to be easily lost with larger agencies and our society’s fast pace. This special strategy is tailored to the specific model and the lives of those involved around them. This in turn creates an understanding of what can be expected from each of the important components of the team and how important each one is to the other.



When your son or daughter signs on as a new model with BMG as the Mother Agent, the new faces procedure usually begins with Polaroid’s or home snapshots taken to give an initial indication of the impact he/she have on film and other physical areas that might need some improvement.

For the next couple of weeks, the staff will brainstorm to review and assess each model’s strengths and limitations in order to individually consider the best way to package and promote them.

It never fails to amaze us how these young models go from being totally “green” to “being ready” to actually give it a shot in a very short time. Sometimes new models come seeming shy or withdrawn, and although nothing special, once in front of the camera and with a little coaching their natural projection is amazing! It is a special (something) when they achieve that level of being comfortable with themselves. This is a huge edge when going into a very competitive and demanding business. Others take a little more time and need to be nurtured to a level where the process can grow and prosper. We encourage parent participation in all cases to learn what your child will be doing and how important that a good foundation from home can make all the difference in their confidence levels.

The next process we will do is to try to arrange some sort of professional photographic testing for the model. A model will test many times in their career, especially in the first year. We compare it to riding a bicycle. The more times you ride, the better you become.

After a good testing has been completed, we will need to make a “Composite Card”. This composite card (a model’s business card) will then be submitted to possible bookings along with copies of the model’s book, or through personal interviews with our clients.

In addition, throughout the year, we are constantly marketing developed models to other agencies worldwide, which we have developed strong relationships and that share our philosophy of being an approachable, honest and reputable agency.

Sometimes this process moves quickly and sometimes it takes time, and patience becomes a very necessary part of the team effort. On average, a New Face can take up to two years to test the market.



School is always a consideration regardless of age. Those in school are encouraged to work around their education and time is permitted for that. BMG Models must obtain levels of 3.0 or higher to continue to be considered a working model while in school. If such work does arise that would dictate an absence from school, the decision is a joint one between all parties and proper preparation is planned before such an event would take place. This may include advance lesson planning, internet class participation or home schooling as a last resort. BMG Model Management is very supportive to higher education, which is not always the norm in our industry.



While we are working to promote our new models, we need them to constantly keep themselves ready to work. If they are young and waiting in the summer months, the time should be spent keeping their bodies in the best shape possible, keeping their skin as clean as possible and their piggy banks full. Regardless of age, we have found that the models that participate in financing their startup expenses do better.

During this time, we will make ourselves available to listen to any concerns whether personal or professional to ensure that newer models do not get lost in the “crowd”. Our office remains relatively small and has a close-knit family type atmosphere. Our models tell us constantly how nice we are to work with and what a pleasure it is to be spoken to in a friendly manner rather than the usual impersonal attitude that they often have to deal with.



Learning and Listening is what we tell our parents are the most important aspect. We need you to learn from us and listen to your child. These are not only the development years for their career, but for their life as well. We need to know your limitations and your expectations and you need to know ours. Without this important communication, neither of us will have a good experience together.

Prepare yourselves and your family for what may lay ahead. Educate those around you that are important and dismiss opinions from those who do not know who you really are. We have found that everyone has an opinion, but few understand the business and what it really takes to succeed. Communicate your questions and concerns to us so that we can clarify them in a more realistic sense.

Let your child grow and take responsibility for the choices that they make with subtle guidance from you. Teach them the values that will help them to make the choices that are right for their life in respect to the adult lifestyle that they will be exposed to through this business.

For most of our models and their families, time can sometimes be more expensive than any monetary one. Castings and client appointments take time and travel to other markets will require at least 4-6 weeks of your time away from home.

Even though we will try to keep the costs as low as possible, there still are costs. We encourage you to encourage your children to obtain part-time jobs to save and participate in these costs, which can include travel expenses, and material costs for cards and testing. All of us look forward to the start of what will hopefully be a wonderful experience for your son or daughter. Please keep in mind our “team effort” philosophy, no matter what agency you choose to start with.